What is SHIELD and how does it work?


Shield is a protection program consists of two insurance policies covering major services:

(a) Contractor All Risks protects you when you request for ServisHero Direct Air-Conditioner Servicing jobs for:
(i) any unforeseen physical loss or damage occurring to the contract works, properties or items insured up to MYR 50,000 for any one accident or MYR 100,000 in aggregate each job;
(ii) a coverage extension of theft losses of your belongings up to MYR 5,000 for any one occurrence or MYR 50,000 in aggregate, if it is proven or alleged that the item has been stolen by the assigned Hero during the time of carrying out the job at your location, provided that a police report is attached with the claim.

(b) Public Liability protects you when you request for ServisHero Direct General Home Cleaning jobs in terms of third party liability of which ServisHero or the Hero shall become legally liable to pay as damages consequent upon:
(i) Accidental bodily injury to or illness of third party; and/or
(ii) Accidental loss or damage to Property belonging to third party; and/or
(iii) Any legal expenses incurred by ServisHero or the Hero in defending legal proceedings with the Insurer’s written consent
arising in connection with the job, up to MYR 100,000 for any one Accident, or MYR 250,000 in aggregate each job.

Fine Print:
(a) The insurance policies are subject to the terms, provisions, exclusions, limitations and conditions of the Insurer’s Policy Wordings respectively.
(b) Contractor All Risks (CAR) policy is only applicable to jobs with contract value below RM 150,000 per contract. Anything above RM 150,000 contract value will not fall under this scope.
(c) Any form of indemnification in respect of any of the insurance policies via ServisHero are solely at the discretion of the Insurer and shall only be borne by the Insurer. ServisHero does not guarantee the indemnification nor in any way become liable to compensate in the case that any loss or damage is deemed not covered under these insurance policies.
(d) All information and documents required for claim processing of the Insurer shall be submitted to ServisHero at within 7 working days following the claim Occurrence, or the date at which the Hero marks the Job as “complete”, whichever is earlier. In the event of theft, the claim submission by Consumer must be accompanied by a police report.



For Singapore, we follow our standard dispute resolution policies and processes. For more information, you may write to us at


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