Updates on 6th April 2017

A New and Improved ServisHero Pro App

iOS v2.0.8 | Android v2.0.11


Starting 6th April 2017, ServisHero will roll out a new model - ServisHero Direct. This will provide a whole different experience and values to you - our Heroes and our customers, as we progressively work towards our vision to improve the service industry.

ServisHero Direct offers confirmed job opportunities for standardised services with pre-determined prices and conditions. Customers who purchase a service from ServisHero Direct will be directly matched with one Hero and no quote comparison is required.  ServisHero Direct is currently opened for Home Cleaning and Air-Conditioning Servicing only. However, we will be rolling out to more standardised services in the future.

We are excited to share the new features available on the New and Improved ServisHero Pro App with you, which will support both the Direct and Quoting model.


What are the new features?


Consolidate Quoted & Connected into Quoted

We’re merging the Quoted and Connected tabs to Quoted. Now you can keep track of all pending jobs in one screen.



We’re upgrading the ratings system to be clearer with customer feedback.  You can assess each area of your service and take measures to address them.



Direct :  We will roll out ServisHero Direct services where you can maximise these features.

QA : You will be able to add in your bookings using our Calendar to manage your jobs.



Still have questions?

We want to help you make the most of your new features. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us!

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