How to write a quote that gets you hired?

Here are some tips for our Heroes

Craft an appealing profile

Customers are looking for a Hero that is qualified and professional. Your profile is where you can highlight your skills and display your credentials and professional licenses, and let customers know that you are qualified to come to their rescue.

Be sure to include a photo of yourself so that customers see who they will be potentially hiring.

Greet the customer with a personalised message

You quote should include a clear and professional message. Make sure your message is personalised for the specific Call for Help, and that you address problems the customer raised in their request.

Make sure you are always courteous and professional, and provide your full name, and contact details in the message.

Competitive estimate

Everyone likes a bargain, including our customers. With more competitive pricing, customers are more likely to choose you to be their Hero. At the same time, make sure your quote is accurate, don’t just quote a low price to land the job. Explain why you charge what you charge, so that customers understand that the cost can fluctuate once you learn more about the job.

Ask customers to give you a review

When customers look through Hero profiles, they will pay particular attention to the reviews previous customers have written. The more reviews you have, the better your chances of being hired.



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