I'm a Customer. What are some safety tips I can follow?

1. Speak to the Hero on the phone

Before you take a job with a Hero, speak to them on the phone and ask questions about the job. If the Hero sounds suspicious or does not have sufficient knowledge about the job, you do not have to hire them.

Trust your intuition: if you don’t feel right about a Hero, don’t hire them!


2. Confirm the identity of your Hero

When you schedule a job, ask for the following details:

  • Names of the service providers that are coming
  • How many people will be coming
  • If possible take note of profile pictures

When the Hero shows up, check that their identity matches what was agreed. Do not feel obligated to let them in.

If possible, have other people with you while the Hero is there for a job.


3. Arrange for jobs to be carried out at a sensible time

Do not hire service providers who want jobs carried out late at night. Always arrange for jobs to be carried out during normal working hours.


4. Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions about a job or Hero, contact ServisHero at

Please also visit for Frequently Asked Questions.


5. Emergency Procedure

In case of an emergency or if you feel your personal safety is threatened, always contact the emergency hotline first.

Please take note of the numbers below:


Emergency Hotline: 999 (all phones) or 112 (mobile phone only)


Police: 999

Emergency Ambulance & Fire: 995


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